Waitress leaves people shocked after sharing that she made more than $600 on tips in one day

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@haven.tunin

After we pay our bill, we all pay our tips. And depending how generous we are, the wait staff can sometimes go home with quite the bounty.

One waitress has left TikTok users shocked after revealing she made more than a whopping $600 in just one day.

Haven Tunin completed a 12-hour shift working at a pizzeria before documenting her ‘server checkout’ at the end of the day.

Clocking out, she revealed she had made over $2,000 in sales but was pretty shocked herself to find out she’d received over $600 in charge tips.

Showing the numbers on screen, Haven said: “Oh my f**king god, I don’t think I’ve ever claimed this much.”

Taking her cheques to the bar and returning with a huge wedge of dollar bills and a beer, Tunin called it ‘insane’.

She said: “Today was insane and people were so generous and nice. It was amazing.”

The waitress then counted her stack of money, with a deservedly huge smile on her face at her small fortune.

She revealed she’d make a decent $674 during her long shift at a pizza place and couldn’t believe it herself.

“That is insane for a 12-hour shift, for a Sunday especially. And my sales were $2,200 so like I said, people were very generous today.”

Haven called the shift ‘insane’ as she took home nearly $700. Credit: TikTok/@haven.tunin

Finishing work with a pocket full of cash, Tunin cheersed her beer to her followers – also shocked by her earnings.
One wrote in the comments: “Pop off queen that’s a good ass day.”

With others saying: “Wow. You have to be a phenomenal server that tip to sales ratio is insane. Kudos.”

Another put: “F**king no way bro I make 100$ on a good day rn I’m sobbing.”

Many are desperate to know her secrets too as they commented: “I think I might be doing something wrong because I make like $300 on a 12 hour shift.”

But Tunin reassured: “I don’t always make this much, I normally make between 150 on a slow day and 600 on a good day on Sundays. It really just depends on the day.”

The server shares various videos of her check-outs on TikTok, where she has made $324 and the likes of $237 on a ‘really slow day’.

On a nine-hour-shift day where she made $393, she said it was ‘not that bad’ because she only ‘took one table’ that night.

But as she racks up well over $600 in one shift, users joked: “Where tf you work???? Y’all hiring????”

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