After soldier dies from 3 wasp stings, grieving widow and 4 kids are surprised with $10,000 Christmas gift

Jon Toone, a specialist in the US Army Reserve and a 37-year-old husband and father, suffered a t ragic acc ident while working outside in his yard.

While working on his property, Jon was stung by three wasps. His heart felt like it was thumping out of his chest, and he started having trouble breathing.
Jon reached his neighbor’s house before falling unconscious. Abby, his wife, hurried to be by his side and quickly dialed 911. Jon passed away in Abby’s arms before any first responders arrived on the s cene.
Everything changed in an instant and Abby found herself thrown into the life of a grieving widow and single mother of four, all under the age of 10. Working as a cosmetologist, Abby struggled to keep the lights on and her family fed as they awaited a settlement from Jon’s life insurance policy.

As Christmas approached, Abby fell into a state of despair, barely able to afford groceries let alone presents.
That’s when something miraculous happened. Watch the tear-jerking moment in the video below.

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