King’s Guard horse bites woman’s ponytail after she gets too close

It seems like every day there’s a video doing that rounds that shows exactly why you should never mess with a King’s Guard horse.

The powerful animals are a target for tourists who head down to Buckingham Palace during a trip to the capital.

And one visitor certainly got more than she bargained for.

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In footage shared on social media, a woman can be seen standing by a black horse, which has a guard sitting on top, looking decidedly menacing.

At first, everything seems fine, she’s smiling, having a lovely visit, but things quickly take a dark turn when she tries to get a photo with the guard and his horse.

Clearly bored of being treated like a bit of background, the animal snaps, quite literally, lurching at the woman’s head.

The woman got more than she bargained for. Credit: Ark Media

Opening its mouth, the horse takes a huge bite at her hair, much to the woman’s displeasure, yanking at her ponytail and swinging her round.

Understandably startled by the encounter, she jumps out of her skin.

Luckily for her, though, she eventually manages to break free from the horse’s grip, and scurries away, no doubt incredibly embarrassed by the whole thing.

However, it’s hard to have much sympathy for her, considering the fact there is a large sign up next to the guard, which warns: “Beware. Horse may kick or bite. Thank you.”

But I guess she’s learned a very valuable lesson, and will be a bit more careful next time.This comes after another tourist got quite the telling-off after not listening to orders from a King’s Guard.

In a video of the incident, which was posted to TikTok, the woman can be seen getting close to the guard’s horse.

As the young woman poses for a picture next to the iconic British setting, she reaches out to grab the horse’s reins.

The King’s Guard can be seen pulling the reins away from her as he shouts: “Get off the reins!”

Smiling and momentarily stepping back, the tourist then goes back to assume her position and takes a hold of the reins again.


The King’s Guard told the woman twice to ‘get off’. Credit: kingshorseuk/TikTok

Repeating his initial order, the King’s Guard reaffirms: “Get off!”

Another woman then pulled her away as the two left the scene.

The clip was viewed millions of times, with plenty of people chomping at the bit to have their say.

And it’s fair to say not many were on her side.

“Why the heck did she touch them again?” asked one user.

Another echoed a similar annoyance: “The fact that she did it again…”

Others even went as far as to call the woman’s actions childlike: “She reacted just like my 4-year-old son when I tell him not to do something.”

Probably best to just leave the horses alone, yeah?

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