Bartender Initially Denies Beer For ‘Soldier’, Sends Clear Message On Customer’s Bill.

When the unnamed woman visited the Tacoma eatery about midday, she was served by bartender Brian Avey. She ordered a Blue Moon and a Corona. But, there was a minor problem with her order: state law prohibits persons from enjoying two beverages at the same time, as Avey noted.

That’s when the woman stepped out, informing Avey that the second drink wasn’t for her, but for her brother, who died while fighting heroically in Iraq. Avey disregarded state law and allowed the woman to enjoy the second beer after hearing her poignant story.

Avey stated on Facebook that the woman kept her word and that the beer sat next to her the whole while she ate her lunch. When she received the bill, she was greeted with a pleasant surprise. When Avey informed the manager of the issue, he determined that Buffalo Wild Wings would pay for the soldier’s beverage. The fee was subtracted from the woman’s bill.
In return, the woman wrote a lovely note on the receipt and placed her brother’s drink on top of it. “Thank you. An act of kindness goes a long way. It means a lot to me. Have a great rest of your day,” she wrote, signing it “Grateful Soldiers.”

Avey was moved by the woman’s thanks and shared a photo of the message with the beer on Facebook, detailing what occurred while she was there and, more significantly, what the restaurant did with the drink after she departed. Avey claimed he didn’t have the heart to throw out the beer, so he put it on top of a cooler next to an American flag in a case, then informed his employer what he had done.
What was his boss’s reaction? He replied that it was acceptable as long as the lime was fresh. Isn’t it fantastic? But things improve. They not only kept the beer up there for the day, but they’ve chosen to keep it up there forever, honoring the soldier’s memory with a never-ending toast. If he can offer his life for the nation, the bartender stated.
He told him it was a wonderful idea and he believed it was terrific, remarked manager Dan Banale. He just can’t throw this beer out. Let’s keep it, he replied. Just make sure they swap out the lime every day, Dan responded, demonstrating the company’s profound appreciation for the soldiers.

Let us never overlook how much our military families give up every day for our freedom. What may appear to some to be a little deed is an awesome way to remember somebody who sacrificed their lives for our country. Congratulations to all concerned in this tale, from the woman who set out to commemorate her brother to the restaurant staff who opted to celebrate him indefinitely. Everyone accomplished something amazing, and for that, I have nothing but admiration.

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