Police horse hears music & starts dance-off with men in street.

Allow the good times to roll! It is the slogan of one of the world’s most cheerful cities, New Orleans.

Everyone knows that the residents of New Orleans love to party, but this police horse wasn’t going to let humans have all of the fun.

The lovely city is well-known for its fantastic atmosphere, shows, dances, and distinct culture, but this was a sight they had never seen before.
If you’re in New Orleans, you just must dance. It’s an unavoidable occurrence that can occur pretty much anyplace. There’s no escape from the customary New Orleans festivities, whether in a bar, a disco club, at home, or even on the streets.
These dance celebrations can sometimes last all night, and you simply have to experience it for yourself to properly appreciate it.
If you’re lucky, you might see a dancing police officer now and again, but these individuals were taken aback when they spotted a police officer’s equestrian partner showing some moves as well.

Fortunately, one of the bystanders was able to capture this funny event on video for all of us to enjoy.
We observe an uniformed cop riding his horse, and the horse is clearly out of control. These hooves were clearly designed for dancing!
Of course, in such a setting, how could you possibly want to dance? The cop and his colleague even approach a group of individuals who are celebrating, and the horse flaunts his sense of rhythm.
Please keep in mind that the film was shot before the epidemic reached the country, which is why the festivities are going on without any social distancing or masks.

We can plainly hear a loud drum playing in the background of the video, and it appears that this is what first drew the horse’s interest.
As the officer and his horse approach, you can see how they slowly adjust and move to the rhythm of the steel drums.
The crowd gets afraid at one point. The police officer appeared to be going to dismount in order to call a halt to the celebration and request silence.
Yet, the exact reverse occurred when he and his horse just chose to join them.
The music becomes louder, and now there are even horns involved! Simply viewing the video will make you want to get up and walk about.

Consider what it must have been like to experience such an incredible display in person.
The cop, on the other hand, enjoyed it and urged his horse to have some fun! And we have to confess, his hoof manoeuvres are rather spectacular.
He even spins around in a circle at one point, which the assembled throng appeared to enjoy.
Speaking about a crowd, the police horse drew a lot of attention, and individuals from all around came to join in the fun.

The horse even extended out its front legs at the end of the performance, making it appear as though he was bowing to the audience!

The audience erupted in shouts and cheers, grateful to have witnessed this spontaneous horse performance. Even as the cop and the horse left, they couldn’t resist but go in style.
The funny performance may be seen in the video below!

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