On his 70th wedding anniversary, a 90-year-old grandfather gently serenades the love of his life.

With a beautiful performance for his 70-year-old wife, an elderly man demonstrated to the world that true love never fades with age and only grows stronger with time. The adorable moment was captured on video and published online, garnering thousands of views.

Imogene and Paul Miller’s story is both beautiful and intriguing. Despite the ups and downs, they remained committed to one another and drew strength from their lovely connection. The pair met as teenagers and began dating, but Imogene was concerned about how their relationship would develop.

Their granddaughter, Sarah Saragusa, stated that her grandmother, who was a few months older than her grandfather, informed her she would not marry him until she was 20. They married on Paul’s 20th birthday, keeping Imogen’s wishes in mind. But the question was why she imposed such a stipulation.

Imogene had wanted Paul to develop before she accepted him as her spouse, it turned out. Saragusa admitted to them at Western Union that her grandfather did everything in his power to sue her grandma. She thought they were a fantastic marriage, with Paul’s boisterous personality complementing Imogen’s tenderness.

It wasn’t the first time the man from Hot Springs, Arkansas, had sang for his sweetheart.
Finally, on June 15, 1947, the couple married and vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. When asked how important his wife was to him, Paul said, «She’s the only one I’ve ever had.» It began when I was 18 and has always gone so beautifully.

After aging out of the system, the Millers, who had two biological children, would have welcomed numerous adoptive youngsters into their hearts and homes. This is how they grew their lovely family of adopted children and grandchildren over time.

One of them was Robin Vermeer Bobo, who explained that Imogene and Paul opened their doors to her and her family when she was only two years old and her mother was pregnant with another baby. She said they had been great role models for many people over the years, adding:

“I considered them my grandparents all my life. They truly exemplified what love and marriage should be for everyone who knew them. »

Imogene and Paul celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on June 15, 2017, with approximately 60 members of their extended family in attendance. As the couple repeated their vows, the 90-year-old grandfather shocked his lovely bride with a heartfelt version of «Let Me Call You Sweetheart.» He performed:

«Let me hear you whisper that you, too, love me.»

Paul stated he practiced the song ahead of time so it would ring true in the moment and have the intended effect on his lovely bride, while holding his beloved’s hand and looking at her the entire time. Fortunately, her efforts were rewarded when Imogene leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

Their love is undeniably genuine.

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