100-year-old woman moved to tears when garbage men show up with a birthday cake

When Mercy Ballard answered her door on her 100th birthday, she was more than a little surprised to see Ben Bird, her garbage collector, standing there with a birthday cake in hand.

The two had developed a friendship over the years and Ben wasn’t about to miss her 100th birthday. He even sang Happy Birthday to her with his co-worker. The heartwarming moment was captured on video and quickly went viral.

Ben loves talking to Mercy and listening to her stories about her life. Mercy marvels at the technology of today and can’t wrap her head around Ben’s phone. Despite not being biologically related, Ben considers Mercy as part of his family.

The video of Mercy’s birthday surprise has touched the hearts of millions of people. It’s amazing to see how a simple act of kindness and a genuine conversation can make someone happy, especially the elderly who may be living alone and feeling isolated.

Watch the video below and share this story with someone else who needs to smile today.

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