Clever dog saves life of its owner who has had a stroke and has fallen to the floor in his home

A man is alive only because of his faithful friend, his dog. The man’s name is Brian.The dog was adopted a few months ago. The dog was left at the shelter because the previous owner had moved elsewhere.

All the staff at the animal shelter thought that the dog did not like people.It would be very difficult for the dog to get used to its new surroundings. But it turned out to be exactly the opposite.

The dog’s name was Sadie. The dog was a German Shepherd who was only six years old.The dog proved that it protects its owner.One day a terrible thing happened at home. The dog owner had a stroke and collapsed on the floor of the house.The dog saved him, as it never strayed far from its owner, was always by his side until the ambulance arrived. They were all alone at home.

The dog kept licking its owner and even brought the phone to call an ambulance.The man is slowly recovering and at the same time misses his faithful and loyal friend who saved his life.The man is even video-chatting with the dog. The dog lives with Brian’s family.They are both looking forward to seeing each other again. The dog is a true friend and so kind. They will be reunited soon after the owner is fully recovered.Thanks to this quick-thinking dog, the man has a second chance at life.
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