Couple married for 91 years with 64 grandkids are still deeply in love

In a world filled with uncertainties, Zechariah and Shama’a’s enduring love story shines like a beacon of hope. For an incredible 91 years, they have weathered storms, overcome hardships, and remained deeply in love, a testament to the power of resilience and unwavering commitment.

Both Zechariah and Shama’a were orphaned as children in Yemen and were left without the guiding presence of a mother. To ensure their place within the Jewish community and prevent marrying outside their faith, they were married at a tender age—Zechariah at 12 and Shama’a at 10. Despite being forced into marriage by circumstances beyond their control, they found solace and support in each other’s embrace.

Life was far from easy for the young couple. They faced unimaginable challenges and were forced to fend for themselves. Living in a donkey’s barn became their shelter, and with determination and perseverance, they forged a path forward. In 1948, they seized an opportunity to escape the persecution of Jews and settled in Israel, where they built a family of their own, blessed with 11 children, 64 grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Zechariah considers himself incredibly fortunate to have married Shama’a, acknowledging her as a gift from God. He cherishes the many years they’ve spent together, the obstacles they’ve overcome, and the joy of watching their family grow. Shama’a echoes his sentiments, expressing happiness in spending their lives together without fighting.

Their love has endured the test of time, and Zechariah hopes that they will never have to be apart. They have become an inspiration, a testament to the enduring power of love and the blessings that come with a lifelong commitment.

As we celebrate the extraordinary bond of Zechariah and Shama’a, their story reminds us of the strength found in unity and the profound beauty of a love that withstands the trials of life. May their journey continue to inspire us all, reminding us to cherish and nurture the precious relationships in our own lives.

Watch the video below and witness the heartwarming tale of Zechariah and Shama’a’s 91 years of marriage.

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