A young child becomes emotional after holding his newborn sister for the first time.

Some older brothers and sisters become envious when a new baby joins the household.

Ali Retelle’s video of her son and his newborn daughter’s first encounter is quite different from their adorable, childish reactions.The heartwarming footage depicts the young boy holding his infant sister in his arms. When he finally lifted his head, his parents saw that he was crying. He couldn’t take his eyes off her small face as she made slender movements with her arms.

The child, clearly overwhelmed by his feelings of delight, love, and wonder, couldn’t help but cry as he cherished his sister’s existence.The youngster brushed his tears away with the sleeve of his sweater and returned his gaze to his sister, who let out a small hiccup.

“You can talk to her,” his mother said.“She can’t respond, but she understands what you’re saying,” his father added.

“You may say whatever to her,” Mum added.

But the child didn’t appear to have the words to describe his emotions. So he just grinned and hugged his sister tightly.

No one could tell what the toddler was thinking at the time, but it’s apparent from their first meeting that he adores his sister. From the looks of things, he’ll make a great big brother!

You can watch the heart-tugging moment between this brother and sister in the video below.

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