Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Finds Her Forever Home After Being Rejected By 20 Different Families

In Italy, 41-year-old Luc Trapanese always wanted to be a father. Even when he and his partner split up, he wanted that dream to come true for him. When they were together, their goal was to adopt a disabled child. But, since he was now single, he was told that he just could not adopt a child.

Fortunately, things changed in 2017, and Luc was now able to adopt a child. But he would only be allowed to adopt a child that had “problems,” which were explained as disabilities, behavioral issues or an illness. But that didn’t matter to Luc… that’s what he wanted to do anyway.
Within a year, Luc was able to adopt a 13-day-old girl named Alba. She had Down’s Syndrome, and her mother had abandoned her in the hospital.

Luc had long had a connection with disabled and ill children. His best childhood friend died from cancer, and Luc was with him every day until he passed. Then he started volunteering at his church to help those who were critically ill and children with disabilities. And Luc loved it.

Eventually, he and his partner began a charity to help individuals with disabilities. And all of that led him to the biggest joy in his life. And that joy is Alba.
Says Luc: “Alba completely revolutionized my life. She brought me happiness and a sense of fulfillment.”

And since becoming her dad, a single gay man raising a special needs child, he has written a book about his unique experiences. It’s called, “Born For You,” and has already sold 10,000 copies. He has also been invited to speak on talk shows about his life and life with Alba.

Says Luc: “I think mine and Alba’s story shatters so many stereotypes about fatherhood, religion, and family.”

And, hopefully, it will continue to do so.

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