Single dad adopts 3 siblings who bounced around 16 foster homes

The 3 children under guardianship changed the life of a single father, who is a person with a huge kind heart. The children were placed in foster care for many years before Daryl Andersen came into their lives.

Four-year-old Mikel, six-year-old Willis and 9-year-old Njan gained a lot of sleep experience as a result of being in different foster homes. Daryl said. “They are very close and they understand, you know, they have been accommodated 16 times, especially in group houses, and that is why they have only been together all along.”
The brothers and sisters stayed together in 16 different directions during their 5 short years. When Daril learned everything about the children, he could not just sit down. Even as a single father with three children, Daryl decided to have faith in his own children after gaining their consent
He said that he was constantly thinking about it. “There are children in this world who have no place and no dignity to return home. Where are they going when Christmas comes? ” The thought of being left alone with these brothers and sisters was so distressing and distressing that he began to think and act in that direction.
Daril kept saying. “One of my main motivations is that I feel how the word directs, because I have been given so much, and I must give it.” She was so grateful that she had raised her children and wanted to continue caring for them.

“I want them to understand and realize that the past is in the past, and they are gaining their own future, and that depends on them in particular,” Andersen said. He understands that their past lives were full of struggles and difficulties, but he wants to change their lives and their future.
Daril’s new children say to him: The fact is that you are a very good person and a caring father. We love you very much. ” This single dad’s heart takes more lives and inspires others to help and support children who really need it.

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