If you had one of these back in the day, join the club

The 1970s brought some wild style to America. From bell bottom pants to groovy prints, fashion was changing, and so was home decor. If you had a home in the 70s, there’s no way you didn’t have these items in it at some point.

1970s homes had new carpets installed, known as ‘Shag Carpeting.’ The thick, hairy carpet threads almost looked like animal fur. The color choices were incredible, and homeowners rushed to find the best color blend and length to bring comfort to their feet. Some carpet threads were as long as 4 inches thick. There was even a rake to straighten up the rug through combing!

Another item that graced your home in the 70s was oversized spoons and forks hung on the wall for decoration. The large silverware artwork was often made of solid wood. There were tons of different wallpaper prints available for your 70s home, and nothing complimented them better than an old-time beer sign made of wood and stained glass.

Perhaps your family added an old chandelier which would make any room feel like a saloon! But you would need tunes, and that’s where you’d enter the living room. You would find the classic 70s stereo system, which looked more like a large dresser or cabinet. Once you propped open the oversized top, you would find a fantastic record player enclosed in natural wood.

Live plants were a big decor item too. Many people loved the idea of bringing plants indoors. Some people had plants that would go all the way up to the ceiling. Large plant hangers and holders were hung from the ceilings.

Rustic fireplaces would take up an entire wall in the living room or den during the 70s. The brick or rough rock would tower to the ceiling and warm up any room in the house. And if you sat by the fire, you probably used the must-have chair of the decade, the bean bag chair.

These chairs came in every color and were typically made of vinyl material. They moved with you and fit the shape of your body until they inevitably split at the seams. The 70s was a special time for home decor, and if you remember the American home, you have to admit it was far out!

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