The man has moved in with his 89-year-old neighbor: how do they look together?

People in a hurry will find some type of malevolent intent here and purposefully attach labels, saying, this is already familiar to us — we used to go through it. But let us try to answer a simple question objectively and impartially: what unites a young man and an older woman? They have a lot in common, it turns out!

They are not linked, as you may have surmised. And not even lovers. They happen to be neighbors who reside side by side in the same house in Los Angeles. Chris Salvatore is the name of the gentleman, an aspiring Hollywood actor, singer, and model, and Norma Cook, like most people her age, is a lonely old woman.

They met four years ago and since then they spend quite a lot of time together: they talk, joke, go to the store. They look like a grandmother and a grandson, and this is probably how many people perceive them. The age difference is quite large: Norma is 79, and the “granddaughter” is 31. Their relationship became so warm that they themselves believed that they were relatives.Furthermore, Norma was hospitalized one fine day, and the physicians stated that she required round-the-clock care… Despite a discouraging diagnosis, the elderly woman refused to stay in the hospital. Chris then simply moved into her flat. Norma will continue to be under his observation till the end. Another member of the family, the cat Hermes, will join the «grandson and grandmother» company.

Norma is gradually giving up; she finds it difficult to move and can hardly walk. They discussed with Chris the possibility of returning to the hospital, where a nurse could continually look after her, but this luxury is not cheap: the services would cost $ 3,500 per month. They don’t have that much money…

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