Legendary Musician Neil Diamond Gives Outstanding Live Rendition of “America”

Paying tribute to your family members is a great way to bring them honor and show how much you care about them. Legendary singer-songwriter Neil Diamond was able to do this for a special anniversary.

Diamond’s grandmother traveled a long journey from Kyiv to America. Neil decided to honor her by singing the adequate named tune “America” while performing at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.
The song originally debuted in 1980 for the movie The Jazz Singer. It didn’t take long for it to rise to the top of the charts and stay there. Neil shares the touching story of his brave grandmother and brings the audience to tears.

He mentions her achievements, courage, and how she’s inspired him to go after every dream, he’s ever had. The crowd goes wild when the end of the song transitions into “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee,” and we can see why they loved it so much.

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