‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson Johnson Johnson makes a heartbreaking announcement about his beloved mother.

The well-known actor and former professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson recently gave his Instagram followers an update on his mother Ata Johnson’s condition.

He disclosed that she was injured in a car accident and sought medical care in Los Angeles. Along with this information, he also shared a picture of the wrecked front end of the involved car.

Just before midnight, the unsettling incident happened to Ata Johnson as she was driving through Los Angeles on her way home from an event. She collided with another car that had apparently pulled out in front of hers by accident.

Unfortunately, Ata was hurt in the collision, so she was taken right away to a local hospital.

Following the actor’s post, a lot of fans wished him and his mother well and prayed for a quick and full recovery. He thanked everyone for their assistance and assured them that she would be alright soon.

Medical professionals are currently keeping a close eye on Ata and doing everything they can to help her recover from all the physical effects of the accident.

“With great relief and gratitude, I can now report that my mother has survived a terrifying car accident. She was miraculously transported safely to the hospital, where it has been determined that she will recover completely, by the merciful angels. “.

Her perseverance over the years has been nothing short of amazing; she overcame lung cancer, a violent marriage, a head-on collision with a drunk driver, and a suicide attempt, which is sufficient proof of divine intervention. “.“I am so grateful to the police and firefighters who worked so hard to keep everyone safe throughout this ordeal. Without their courage and never-ending efforts, the story of my mother might have had a very different outcome. “.

The 50-year-old former wrestler expressed his sincere gratitude to the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department while overcome with emotion. He commended their focus and revealed that they had talked to him on the phone all the way through.

Furthermore, he urged his followers to cherish their time spent with their parents because he was the only child of a single parent. He advised them to always keep their loved ones close by because you never know when the dreaded 3 a.m. call will come. m. call that nobody wants to receive.

He was all too aware that life can change in an instant and that we must express our gratitude while we still have the chance.

He pleaded with people not to take their family members for granted because once they pass away, all that is left are the bittersweet memories that were shared between loved ones.

She will recover quickly, we hope.

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