Al Pacino’s Girlfriend Has Filed for Full Custody of Their 3-Month-Old Son Roman

Now that Al Pacino and 29-year-old girlfriend Noor Alfallah have reportedly decided on going their separate ways, there’s been an update about how these celebrity parents may handle the care of their 3-month-old baby, Roman, going forward. According to recently filed legal documents, Noor is asking for full physical custody of their son, offering her 83-year-old ex “reasonable visitation” and joint legal custody in the process. This news comes immediately after Al and Noor’s reported breakup became public.Noor has filed a petition to establish custody of her son.

In legal documents obtained by The Blast, Noor asked for full physical custody of baby Roman and joint legal custody shared with Al Pacino, who she says should have “reasonable visitation.”

She also included a “voluntary declaration of parentage” from Al, which was also signed by a witness and shows that he is Roman’s father.Child support was also mentioned.

No amount was specified, though the document does state that “the court may make orders for support of the children and issue an earnings assignment without further notice to either party.”

Noor is asking for Al to cover legal fees associated with the case.The couple seems to be on good terms.

Though it seems that Noor and Al are no longer in a romantic relationship, they seem to be getting along just fine. They’ve been seen out and about together for the past month, and People reports that they were seen at Chateau Marmont having dinner together with friends on Wednesday.Noor shared the first photo of her baby boy in August.

Though Al’s rep confirmed that baby Roman had been born in June, the first time we caught a glimpse of him was this Instagram photo that the proud mom shared just weeks ago, showing off only his tiny hand grasping hers.

“My whole heart and the greatest blessing in my life. Roman,” she wrote.Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here.

Figuring out custody arrangements can be tough, but it sounds like there’s no bad blood between Al and Noor in the process, which should go a long way. All that matters in the end is that they are able to find the best solution for baby Roman, who already appears to be so loved.

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