After being criticized for her comments regarding marriage, Candace Cameron Bure has broken her silence…

Candace Cameron Bure, an actress known for her role in “Full House,” is no stranger to the spotlight of controversy. Just recently, she has been the target of criticism following the publication of her allegedly bigoted comments that she made during an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

During her interview with the journal, the actress shared that she had a desire for the upcoming Christian holidays to be a time when traditional family-friendly entertainment would once again reflect Christian principles.
She explained that she wanted to tell stories that supported faith, something she believes many channels have abandoned nowadays. She wanted to do this because she felt it was important. When Bure was asked if her movies will depict homosexual couples, she responded that the Great American Family channel wouldn’t, and she continued:
“I believe the Great American Family will center around the institution of the traditional marriage.”
Her remarks sparked a significant backlash, both from her admirers and from other celebrities. As a response to the comments, actress Hilarie Burton Morgan posted a message on Twitter in which she referred to Bure as a hypocrite.
She criticized the actress from “The Boy Meets World” for openly admitting to discrimination and pointed out that there was nothing unusual or unconventional about same-sex couples. Burton’s husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, expressed his agreement with his wife’s viewpoints and thanked her for bringing Bure’s actions to his attention.
Jojo Siwa, who is also a part of the LGBTQ community, voiced her opinion on the situation and reprimanded Bure for her words. Siwa vented her frustration on Instagram by writing the following:
“This is not only impolite but also harmful to an entire group of individuals.”
Someone who was close to Bure made the decision to support her and defend her against the criticism that she was receiving from the general public as the world descended upon Bure in the wake of her words.
Natasha Bure, the actress’s daughter, addressed Bure in a lengthy post on Instagram in which she defended her mother against the criticism. In the post, Natasha Bure said that she adored her mother for always choosing Christ above anything else in her life.
She acknowledged her mother for always remaining unwavering in her convictions and conducting herself with grace, despite the fact that words are frequently misunderstood and twisted after being pulled out of their original context in her writing.
Since then, Bure has addressed the controversy by publishing a lengthy response on Instagram, in which she describes herself as someone who loves and has a great deal of affection for all people. She insisted that she would never deliberately make an effort to injure or offend another person.
She also let anyone who was “trying” to tarnish her name know that she loved them anyway, and then she went on to say that as a devout Christian, she desired to build bridges, bring people closer to God, and portray a reflection of God’s love to everyone she came into contact with.
She came clean and said that she loved everyone, including those who had tried to smear her reputation. She also said that she loved people of all different faiths, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and political affiliations.

She then revealed that in the course of her search for a home for more faith-based programs, she has previously collaborated with people of a diverse range of ethnicities and identities and that she had absolutely no intention of using her storytelling to persuade anyone to change their beliefs in any way.

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