After years of grieving for his ex-wife and child, Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend ‘saved’ him, and now they are inseparable

While many people feel that the best years of one’s life begin around the age of 40, Hollywood star Keanu Reeves disagrees.

Keanu Reeves fell into a profound sadness when he turned 40. He began to worry how much longer he had until he died.
Keanu began to ruminate on his own mortality for extended periods of time. It was also during this period that he experienced a series of major losses.
Keanu’s career was flourishing in 1998. ‘The Matrix,’ one of his most successful films, had just come out, and his relationship with actress Jennifer Syme was on the repair.
When Jennifer became pregnant with their daughter, Ava, their love grew even stronger. Six months into Jennifer’s pregnancy, doctors realized that Jeniffer’s pregnancy could not continue because Ava died in Jeniffer’s womb.
Jennifer was ejected partially from the automobile and died immediately. She was only 28 years old at the time.
Both Keanu and Jennifer were crushed by the loss. Jennifer had to deliver Ava on Christmas Eve, and following the stillbirth, she suffered from post-natal stress.
Keanu and Jennifer’s relationship was shattered by the tra ic lo ss, and they split up a few weeks after Ava was stillborn. After their relationship ended, the two remained excellent friends.
Jeniffer and Keanu had lunch together just over a year after they buried Ava. Keanu, on the other hand, received a terrible call just one day later.
She had been to a party at the home of goth rocker Marilyn Manson earlier that night. Jennifer crashed her Jeep into a row of parked cars on Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles as she was being transported home from the party by another guest.
Jennifer was ejected partially from the car and passed away. She was only 28 years old at the time. Keanu lost both his daughter and her mother in the span of two years.
These devastating losses occurred only a few months after Keanu spent a decade supporting his sister, Kim, while she battled illness.
The loss of Jennifer and Ava was almost terrible for Keanu. His pain was palpable. ‘Grief and loss are never going to go away,’ Keanu explained.
These devastating losses occurred only a few months after Keanu spent a decade supporting his sister, Kim, while she battled illness. ‘You know, she was always there for me. I’ll be here for her at all times,’ ‘Keanu’ stated.
He also contributed 70 percent of his ‘The Matrix’ paycheck to cancer research. Kim went into remission and beat leukemia, and Keanu established a charity to aid cancer patients.
Despite the fact that he was rarely seen with women throughout his career, Keanu indicated a wish to start a family of his own: ‘I’d like to marry.’ I want to start a family.
That’s the highest point on the mountain. First and foremost, I must ascend the mountain. I’ll take care of it. Just give me a little bit of time.’
Alexandra Grant, a visual artist, and Keanu were met during a dinner party in 2009. They hit it off right away and were fast friends.
In 2011, they teamed on ‘Ode to Happiness,’ and in 2016, they collaborated on ‘Shadows.’ Keanu and Alexandra even co-founded ‘X Artists’ Books,’ a publishing company.
In 2017, Keanu and Alexandra became romantically involved and began dating. However, they maintained their connection a closely guarded secret.
Keanu and Alexandra only made their red carpet debut in 2019 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Art + Film Gala.
Even after the premiere, they kept their romance under wraps, refusing to discuss the possibility of marriage.
Alexandra claimed that as soon as her relationship with Keanu became public, everyone she knew called her to discuss it.
After years of struggle, Keanu’s life was transformed when he met Alexandra and witnessed her bright approach.
Jennifer Tilly, one of Alexandra’s closest friends, was one of the first to learn of Alexandra and Keanu’s connection before the rest of the world. She remembered:
‘I remember [Grant] saying, ‘Keanu Reeves is my boyfriend,’ maybe a year and a half ago, and I was like, ‘Wait.’ What? What? What?’
Alexandra remained tight-lipped regarding her relationship’s future. ‘My identity is greatly influenced by love on all levels.
That’s one way to avoid answering the question. I don’t think solitude is the answer. As a painter, I go through a period of seclusion, yet I treasure the experience of being in partnerships’ she stated.
‘She’s one of the only people who’s managed to get Keanu to open up about his emotions and background,’ a source told «Life & Style.’
After years of struggle, Keanu’s life was transformed when he met Alexandra and witnessed her bright attitude. ‘Some believe she’s saved him as well as stolen his heart,’ the person continued.

Keanu stated his wish to spend the rest of his life with Alexandra and thanked her for being in his life. Keanu, being one of the kindest people in Hollywood, is deserving of everyone’s happiness.

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