Classic Rare Clip of ‘JOHNNY CASH’ On The Importance of Thanksgiving!

-“Thanksgiving is the day we’re reminded to be thankful for the things that we’ve got. Though it may seem like little sometimes, we’ve always got something to be thankful for,” says Johnny Cash at the beginning of the video. Then he starts off his performance with a poem.

-“On Thanksgiving day, a family sat down to have their meal. There was very little on the table, a few things from the field. No turkey, fancy dressing; some bread and a little beans, for their crops had been a failure and times were pretty lean. The father bowed his head. It was their habit to say grace.
-And a calmness fell over his mind and wrinkled face. ‘Dear Lord,’ he said, ‘we thank you, for the sun was warm today. We thank you for the singing of the birds and the laughing of the children as they play. And thank you for that neighbor of mine that fixed my plow. And thank you for that old plow horse. We sure could use a cow. Thank you for the muscle, I can stand the ache. Just let me have your blessing on all I undertake. And thank you for this country, too, we’ve troubles now, and pain. But with your help Lord, we’ll get back to where the road is smooth again. Thanks for all the love we’ve got, and strength to work my land. For there’s nothing, Lord, that I can’t do, if You lend a helping hand.

-Thank you for my good wife, Lord, and children that I’ve got. They love me for the things I am, and they forget the things I’m not. And if somebody’s down and out, Lord, and they’re praying you would heed Just send them over to see me, Lord. I’ve got more than I need.’”
-What a lovely poem! After that, Johnny Cash starts singing a wonderful Thanksgiving themed song that is so encouraging.

-“This video really touched my heart. May I learn to thank God for the blessings I have received from day to day. The food on my table, the roof over my head, the clothes that gives me warmth, my family who gives me love, my life, my basic senses, my health,” comments one person on YouTube after watching this video. “Forgive me Lord for the things I took for granted. I just want to thank you for everything!”
-We hope that you enjoyed this video and it left you with a grateful heart!

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