Susan Sarandon reveals what happened at her ‘unusual’ wedding all those years ago with her mom and brother

Actress Susan Sarandon is a household name because of several iconic roles she has played throughout her storied career. Now, at 76 years old, the actress is opening up more and more about her life.

She talked about her wedding more than five decades ago and all that transpired during it. Keep reading to know more about her ‘unusual’ wedding!Susan Sarandon sat down with her ex-husband, Chris Sarandon, for a candid podcast chat. The two of them looked back at their wedding and everything that happened on the day.

76-year-old Susan Sarandon revealed that her mother, Lenora Criscione Tomalin, was actually pregnant at the time! Sarandon went on to add how her mother was “just basically pregnant all the time.”Susan, who was 20 at the time of her wedding and the eldest of nine children, says she recalls her mother dealing with pregnancy a lot throughout her childhood, as well as unfortunate miscarriages.When she realized she would be pregnant at her daughter’s wedding, she was not happy with the idea and feared people might judge her for it.

“I think she was embarrassed,” Susan reasoned on her mother’s behalf. Her mother had been 44 years old at the time of Sarandon’s wedding and was not happy about it. She said her mother did not want her to get married, but Susan somehow convinced her with the help of her father.

But even though she agreed, she only made a brief appearance at the wedding. Susan recalled how she was in “a black raincoat, sitting in the back of the church for like 10 minutes.”“And none of my siblings could come except my brother who was right under me, who insisted upon coming,” Susan went on to explain.

She added, “And luckily he hooked up with one of the bridesmaids. So it was a very successful trip.”

“That’s the first time I heard of that one,” her ex-husband Chris said, as he laughed.

The couple had a very unconventional wedding and recalled how much fun they had had. “Everybody bought their own liquor and they bought their own food,” Chris said.Susan revealed how her wedding dress was made of velcro because she had not known how to sew back then and how they had made her wedding bouquet with ivy they took off buildings nearby.

“But it was fun,” Susan said, and Chris agreed, saying, “It was great fun because we did it!”

The couple tied the know in September 1967 but separated from one another in 1975 and eventually divorced in 1979.

If you liked this story, you might also like to read about Susan’s own negative experiences of being pregnant after 40.Even though they are divorced, it is evident that they share a respectful relationship even after all this time. What a wonderful way to behave with your ex, who you have so much history with!

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